Parent Training

We Can Help Parents Improve Student Tutoring Results

Communication with parents and parent consultation are priorities at Schoolhouse Tutoring®. After each tutoring session, parents receive a written note from the tutor that reports what was worked on during the session and how the student did. Informal consultation with the program director, coordinator, and tutors is an ongoing process at Schoolhouse Tutoring®.

Homeschooling Parents

Are you a homeschooler? Parents who homeschool are often interested in new ideas for how to teach skills and material that are difficult for their children. This type of consultation and training is available. For example, alternative methods of reading instruction may be suggested when a homeschooled child is struggling with learning to read.

Memory Training For Parents

Parent training and consultation are also available for parents of children and adolescents with memory problems. Sometimes, parents are only in need of advice for a temporary problem, such as when a student is experiencing memory problems due to a concussion. For more enduring memory problems, parents are taught how to conduct memory training exercises at home, how to monitor online memory training, and how to encourage their children to use effective memory strategies.

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