ACT Training Sessions Now Availble

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Preparing Your Child For College Entrance Exams

It is all over the headlines, getting your child in the best college takes excellent ACT or SAT scores. The competition for a spot at a leading college is so fierce, that you must be sure your child is academically prepared to excel in the SAT or ACT. Furthermore, your child needs to have exceptional learning and study habits to maintain good grades, a positive attitude, and keep his or her mind in the right place!
Schoolhouse tutoring services and Dr. Dehn are ready to help!


Preparing for the ACT or SAT college entrance exams through individual tutoring is known to improve test scores.

ACT/SAT Tutoring

Individualized tutoring that prepares high school students for the ACT/SAT college entrance examinations is available for all students who want to improve their ACT/SAT test scores. The typical one-on-one test prep program consists of 8 one-hour sessions about a week apart, with about two hours of homework and practice per session. For students outside of the La Crosse, Wisconsin area, individualized ACT tutoring is available via the internet.

ACT Workshops

Six-hour, face-to-face ACT workshops are offered using virtual interfaces. These workshops emphasize test-taking strategies specifically designed to improve ACT scores. If you are interested in hosting a group workshop, call 608-487-8282.

The six-hour workshop emphasizes test-taking strategies and techniques for each of the five ACT subject tests. The workshop content includes:

  • ACT facts, scores, and challenges
  • ACT general test-taking strategies
  • Specific methods and strategies for each of the five subject tests
  • Specific strategies for several types of ACT questions within subject tests
  • Dealing with the time limits
  • A reading method that improves reading scores
  • A “rush” reading method
  • A brief English grammar review
  • Practice with Math questions
  • Essay-writing tips for the Writing section
  • Strategies and tips for Science Reasoning
  • Getting motivated and dealing with test anxiety